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Working from Home with G Suite

For many years in my career, I was a commuter in the D.C. / Northern VA area, spending hours on the beltway each week. I’m not complaining, as I took that time to drink copious amounts of coffee and listen to NPR. However, today, working for a company that offers 100% remote working capability is a total game changer.

Not only am I more productive at home, but I’m actually working more hours in a day.  The hour I spent commuting each way are now two hours that I spend working.  My quality of life has improved and stress levels from road rage are much lower!  

And here’s why:

  • Google Chat – Google’s instant messaging solution integrated into the G Suite messaging and collaboration platform. Through visual indicators, I can easily tell who in my organization is online and from what device.  I can easily “ping” my co-workers with questions and can even start a group chat with an entire team to collaborate.  This is an invaluable tool when you can’t just get up and walk over to someone’s desk!
  • Google Hangouts – Google’s video conferencing solution enabling up to 25 people to join a Hangout.  At Tempus Nova, we utilize Hangouts for team meetings and individual one-on-one sessions.  I can share my screen, text chat with people in the hangout, remote into a desktop to help troubleshoot and resolve issues, and quickly create hangouts for meetings within Google Calendar.  Google Hangouts helps me stay connected with my co-workers, vendors, partners and customers without having to leave my home office.
  • Real Time Collaboration – Having the ability to easily work in real time with my co-workers on project documents is a time saver and frees up my hard drive from having to save multiple versions of a document with track changes.  I also love having the ability to instant message chat within Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. Did I mention… I never have to click save in fear of losing work. With G Suite, every keystroke is automatically saved and my work is accessible from any device with an internet connection.  Even when I’m offline, I can work on a document and once I’m connected, my updates are automatically updated.

Technology impacts so many different aspects of our modern lives and I appreciate Google’s constant stream of innovation and effort to make working efficiently that much easier.  To learn more about Tempus Nova or Google Cloud solutions, please contact us at solutions@tempusnova.com.