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What’s New in the Google Ecosystem – Tempus Nova’s Technology Partners

Google Apps provides a constant stream of innovation for its users.  As a Google Apps Premier Partner, Tempus Nova is partnering with and looking to partner with those that bring innovation to the table.  So, what’s new in the Google Ecosystem?

Powertools – Tempus Nova has recently partnered with Powertools; a company who is helping companies organize over 1 million documents in Google Drive!  Powertools is transforming Google Drive with the power of organization and provides the following features:

  • Secure Work Spaces – Powertools provides a straightforward process for creating team or project work spaces directly from Google Drive. Users can automatically save files into Google Drive and files can be opened directly in MS Office from Google Drive.  Users can also select the level of privacy and elect between open or restricted work spaces. Administrators can easily manage ownership, monitor user storage, and control external sharing.
  • Document Management – Powertools enhances Drive work spaces with advanced document management features, which are seamlessly integrated to Google Drive and provides users with a familiar user interface and user experience. Users can categorize documents by type (i.e., type, metadata, tags, etc.) to help find information when needed, regardless of where it was saved or who last touched it.  Mandatory workflows ensure that users remain in compliance with company validation and approval processes.
  • Document Portal – Powertools provides centralized work spaces to provide company wide access to select content through document portals.  Quickly and easily create content portals to consolidate any number or type of work spaces.  Users can customize, personalize, and brand content portals to suit any number of business needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Powertools and/or interested in a demo, please contact anthony@tempusnova.com for more information.

Synergyse – A few years ago, Tempus Nova partnered with Synergyse, a Google Apps training third party provider that integrated within each Google Apps core service (i.e., Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.).  Today, Synergyse is now part of the Google Apps suite of products and integrated into each of the core applications at no additional cost.  Synergyse is a Chrome extension that puts a virtual guide into Google Apps, which trains users to be productive and stay up to date with changes.

Please visit www.tempusnova.com to learn more about Tempus Nova and our technology partners.