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Tempus Nova offers a wide range of products and tools to support G Suite pilots and enterprise migrations. We are the leading developer of the tools Google uses to migrate Lotus Notes data to G Suite. For additional information on how to significantly reduce your IT costs with our products and tools, contact us today.


Novus™ – Tempus Nova’s proprietary framework for developing enterprise applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). NovusTM is used to develop complex applications that may not be suitable for Sites and Google Apps Script. Learn More


Create custom email signatures, and apply them across your organization any way you like. Manage signatures from individual users up to the entire company. Start from a template, or build your own completely customized signatures. Control the content, formatting, and images in any signature.Learn More

novaMigrate Server-Side™

novaMigrate Server-Side is an administratively run migration tool unparalleled in its data fidelity and migration speeds. Our unique architecture allows for a Lotus Notes based tool that can easily be run and administered by your existing Lotus Notes administrators. novaMigrate Server-Side migrates Lotus Notes email, calendar, contacts, mail-in databases, discussion databases, groups, document libraries, team rooms, and custom applications natively to G Suite. Learn More

novaMigrate Self-Service™

novaMigrate Self-Service empowers your company to significantly reduce the costs associated with a Lotus Notes to G Suite mail migration by providing users with a self-service option. This option enables users to migrate data for their mail whenever they choose, including during off hours and selected times when network usage is low. Learn More


Tempus Nova’s novaConnect is the leading tool Google uses to migrate Lotus Notes data to Google. novaConnect™ is a unique tool that synchronizes Free/Busy Information between Google and Lotus Notes. Learn More


novaAnalyzer facilitates the migration process from Lotus Notes Applications to G Suite through various operations and analyses. It performs key analysis operations for each Lotus Notes application analyzed.Learn More


Tempus Nova is the sole proprietor of novaForward, a tool which virtually eliminates mail routing issues between Lotus Notes and GMail during the coexistence period of a deployment. Learn More


novaResourceSync synchronizes all Room and Resource schedule information between Google and Lotus Notes. The novaResourceSync tool enables users in either Google or Lotus Notes to schedule conference rooms while ensuring that rooms are never double booked. Learn More


Crashes, long boot times, application conflicts, endless updates, viruses, security issues, and obsolete hardware all frustrate IT managers and end users — and most users do not need or want the complexity and annoyance of their current PCs. Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. Learn More