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A New Year… A New Time!

At Tempus Nova, we are thrilled about the growth of our team and continuing to exceed our standards of excellence this year.  Just as Tempus Nova is gearing up for new projects, new relationships, and new initiatives in 2018, so is Google.  Here are just a few of the new updates from Google:

Google Sites – G Suite users can publish sites to a specific audience.  This feature is available now on the web; it will roll out in the Google Drive Android and iOS apps over the coming weeks. 

SAML Integrations – Google is adding SAML integration for 22 additional pre-integrated applications, and also supports installing custom SAML applications.

Compute Engine – Google Compute Engine now protects virtual machines (VM) instances that are critical to running applications or services from accidental deletion.  

BigQuery – Google has a beta release that enables BigQuery users to utilize data definition language (DDL) statements to create and delete tables and views. 

We are looking forward to these releases and many more from Google. Google has stayed true to their promise of delivering a constant stream of innovation to its users. 

Tempus Nova is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and a Google Cloud Platform Partner that offers professional IT consulting services to enable our Customers to optimize their use of Google Cloud offerings.  We employ a team of Google Certified resources with experience and expertise to help any organization with their cloud technology initiatives.  If you are interested in learning more about Google Cloud product offerings or Tempus Nova services, please reach out to us at solutions@tempusnova.com.