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Life After Google Next ‘18

Google Next ‘18 was an incredible five days in San Francisco networking, learning and hearing the latest and greatest from Google keynote speakers. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner and GCP Partner, the Tempus Nova team enjoyed the Partner Summit events, meeting new Google Partners and reconnecting with long time associates.  With all the planning and excitement leading up to Google Next, we’ve managed to continue generating excitement by messaging our Customers on what was announced at Next and what’s new with Google.

  • Choose Where Your Data is Stored – Google is making it possible for G Suite for Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education customers to designate the region in which primary data for select G Suite apps is stored when at rest (globally, in the US or in Europe). Setting up data regions is quick and easy. There are no minimum seat requirements, you can change your covered data’s location at any time, and all data moves are completed within months. In addition, you can assign as many organizational units (OUs) to a single data region as you want, and you can have multiple regions set for the same domain.                                                            
  • Google Kubernetes Engine & Cisco Partnership – At Next, Google announced an exciting partnership with Cisco to bring a new open hybrid cloud solution spanning on-premises environments and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). At the heart of this architecture are open source platforms, Kubernetes and Istio. Customers will be able to accelerate on-premises app modernization using a Kubernetes-based container strategy that’s consistent with cloud-native technology. On-premises, Cisco’s hyper-converged platform, Cisco HyperFlex, will provide a cloud-ready solution for Kubernetes and containers, and management tools to enforce security and consumption policies.  Stay tuned for more updates!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Build Apps to Bridge Gaps – App Maker is G Suite’s low-code application development environment that makes it easy for teams to build custom apps to speed up workflows and make processes better. App Maker offers built-in support for Cloud SQL (GCP account required), offering high performance, scalability and convenience. It also supports a Bring Your Own Database (“BYODB”) model, letting you connect it to your own database using JDBC or a REST API.  App Maker is now available to customers on G Suite for Business, Enterprise Customers, and Education Customers.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on the latest and greatest from Google.  To learn more about Google Cloud solutions and Tempus Nova, please contact us at solutions@tempusnova.com.