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Learn How novaMigrate™ for Lotus Notes Applications Can Provide Significant Cost Savings for Your Organization

Tempus Nova is excited to announce the release of novaMigrate™ 7.3 which migrates low complexity Lotus Notes/Domino applications directly to Google Apps with NO DEVELOPMENT! Our proprietary tool migrates Lotus Notes email, calendar, contacts, mail-in databases, discussion databases, groups, document libraries, team rooms, and custom applications natively to Google Apps. The result to enterprises is millions of dollars in savings with no development.  This newest release uses the latest security models for all components, increases speed and fidelity.

Building upon the industry-leading innovations featured in the novaMigrate™ 6.0 release, version 7.3 can now migrate Document Library Databases, Team Rooms, and Custom Notes Applications to Google Drive!  Features of novaMigrate™ 7.3 include:

  • Migrates Lotus Notes Document Libraries, Team Rooms, and CUSTOM APPLICATIONS to Google Drive.
  • Increased security, with full OAuth 2.0 support.
  • Multi-threaded capability which enables simultaneous migrations on the same server.
  • Migration statistics reports with a Notes link back to items which failed to migrate.
  • No design changes made to Notes files.
  • Converts non-native file types to Google Doc file types.
  • Ability to select Notes fields to use as metadata Drive files.
  • Ability to skip docs based on file size (e.g. skip docs larger than X size).
  • Ability to skip docs that contain certain fields.
  • Ability to perform full or partial migrations, date range migrations, and delta migrations.
  • No duplication of docs/files when multiple migrations of the same library are performed.
  • Conversion of Notes fields to Drive folders, with hierarchies maintained.
  • Ability to migrate Groups and Group members to Google prior to running Drive migrations. Permissions of Drive docs are set using the following configurable settings:
    • Uses the Notes database Access Control List (ACL) for the Drive sharing permissions.
    • Uses Readers/Authors field for the Drive ACL sharing permissions if documents are listed as private.
    • Ability to skip setting permissions on migrated folders.

With novaMigrate™, all folders and Drive documents are migrated under a Top Level Drive folder that is listed in the migration document, as seen below:

Application Profile (Admin Controls) can be seen below:

Standard Drive Migrations (Document Libraries, Team Rooms, etc.):


Drive Migrations for Custom Lotus Notes Applications:


The flexibility, fidelity, integrity, and functionality of novaMigrate™ makes this tool invaluable for enterprises that need to migrate Lotus Notes data and Low Complexity Applications to Google Apps.  novaMigrate™ can save enterprises millions of dollars of development costs and extend the functionality of their existing Google Apps cloud investment.