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Jamboard & The Evolution of the Chalkboard

I may be aging myself here, but I remember being in grade school having the duty of cleaning the chalkboards and the chalkboard erasers for the next day.  I can remember the first chalk holder device that made it easier to write with chalk on the chalkboard. When I got to high school, projectors were the newest technology and dry erase markers were the new tools to write on the glossy transparent sheets for the projector screen. Once I got to college, I remember whiteboards really taking over the market, which ultimately resulted in the death of the chalkboard.

My professional career began with conference rooms lined with whiteboards and dry erase markers. Sometimes even taking advantage of window space to brainstorm and collaborate. However, there was still the issue of transposing that information into an electronic, shareable copy. It was early 2000s when I encountered my first smartboard.  I loved being able to write down ideas and have them automatically download to an electronic copy.jamboard

Fast forward to today, I’m working for a Google Premier Partner and Google announces the Jamboard – the whiteboard reimagined for collaboration in the cloud.  Jamboard is the newest addition to G Suite taking real time collaboration to the next level. Designed for precision and ease, Jamboard is intelligently designed to speed up collaboration with a 55-inch 4k display that features a best-in-class touch response time. Combine this with a built-in HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi, and teams are set up to collaborate and broadcast ideas globally with Hangouts. Are you ready to jam?

To learn more about Jamboards, Tempus Nova, or G Suite, please visit us at www.tempusnova.com.