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IRONSCALES & Tempus Nova Partner to Prevent Malicious Phishing Attacks

Tempus Nova is excited to announce our partnership with IRONSCALES. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, IRONSCALES was incubated in the 8200 EISP, the top program for cyber security ventures, founded by alumni of the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit. IRONSCALES has pioneered the first and only anti-phishing mailbox-level detection platform that combines human intelligence with machine learning to prevent, detect, and respond automatically to today’s sophisticated email phishing attacks.

In 2017, the United States experienced some of the most notable, sophisticated phishing attacks:

  • Chipotle – An Eastern European cyber-criminal group sent “malware laden” emails to Chipotle staff. After forensic review, the hackers compromised the POS systems of most Chipotle locations, using the breach to obtain customer credit card data from millions of people.
  • Amazon – In January, hackers attempted to access sensitive payment information by creating deals that looked “legitimate.” When buyers went to purchase discounted items, the transaction would appear as no longer available, promoting shoppers to input information that was later used against them.
  • IRS – A spear-phishing attack proliferated at the beginning of tax season involved attackers sending fake emails – appearing to be from corporate executives – that requested personal information from employees for tax and compliance purposes. As of mid-March, the attack had compromised more than 120,000 people at 100 organizations.
  • Facebook – After months of uncertainty, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the arrest of a Lithuanian man for allegedly stealing $100 million from two U.S.-based tech companies. The targeted attack successfully used a phishing email to induce employees into wiring the money to overseas bank accounts under his control

To learn more about how IRONSCALES and Tempus Nova can help protect your users and organization from phishing attacks, please contact us at solutions@tempusnova.com.