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Holidays Made Easier with Google Cloud

Happy Holidays to our Tempus Nova blog readers!  We hope the holiday season is filled with family and good tidings. We at Tempus Nova are excited for what the new year holds and what great new innovations Google will release in 2018.  I come from a very large family that is spread across the U.S. and during the holiday season, I rely heavily on Google Cloud solutions to help me stay organized and plan holiday travel.  Here are some examples of how Google is making my life easier during the holidays:

  • Google Calendar – I use Google Calendar to ensure my husband and I are on the same page with our scheduling.  Company holiday parties, friends gatherings, and travel schedules can be overwhelming, but by using Google Calendar, we can easily create events and reminders to ensure we are both available to partake in all the holiday fun.  Also, I just updated to the new Google Calendar user interface, which shows both of our calendars side by side for any given day, and I can easily see when we are both free or busy.
  • Google Sheets – I create Google Sheets for our holiday cards and holiday gifts, as I have 13 nieces and nephews, two sets of parents and in-laws, four older brothers, an older sister, and their spouses to account for every holiday season!  With Google Sheets, I can collaborate in real-time with my husband to divide and conquer.  We can easily create web links to gift ideas, track shipping information, and mark gifts as completed or in progress.  Tis’ the season of giving and with Google Sheets, I know that I can stay organized.
  • Google Maps – Traveling over the holidays can be a very stressful event, but with Google Maps I can easily plan ahead by seeing traffic times, construction, and accidents that may delay us getting to our destination. Although I have an iPhone and my husband is an Android user, we are both able to utilize Google Maps as we head home for the holidays.

To learn more on how Google Cloud solutions can make your personal or business life easier and more organized, please reach out to us at solutions@tempusnova.com.  Happy holidays and a very happy new year from the Tempus Nova team!