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Optimize G Suite Settings & Configuration

Review and optimize G Suite Admin Panel — includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review core services
  • Overview of security and advanced security settings
  • Best practices: Groups and Organizational Units
  • Best practices and watchpoints: Chromebooks deployment, device management
  • Overview of security and advanced security settings
  • Enabling Marketplace Apps in your domain
  • Reporting
  • Engaging Google Support Desk
  • Q&A

G Suite Manager (GAM) Overview
Access to a “G Suite Support Site”
Support from Tempus Nova’s Business Transformation team:

Client may submit questions to Tempus Nova’s Business Transformation (BT) team via email for up to three business days after the training has been delivered. The BT team will endeavor to respond to all requests within one business day during TN’s business hours (M-F, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm MDT). Requests for support must be directed to Google’s 24/7 help desk.

Post Health Check recommendation for additional services and/or products:


  • GCDS Deployment
  • GSPS Deployment
  • SIS Directory Sync
  • Other

  • AO Docs (Workflow / enhanced Drive capabilities)
  • Securly (Content filtering – EDU)
  • Backupify (Data backup)
  • Synergyse (Training)
  • GAT (DLP)
  • CloudLock (Encryption)
  • Esna (VOIP)
  • Okta (Single sign on)
  • GP Strategies (Multi language training)
  • Uber Conference (Conference calling)
  • SoftWatch (Cloud IT data analysis)
  • Ping Identity (Security/identity)
Prerequisites and requirements:

  • G Suite domain must be active for more than 90 days
  • Three business days of access to BT team starts the day after the training begins
  • Client must provide access to admin panel
  • Health Check will be delivered via Google Hangout
  • Health Check will be delivered in one single session — client must book a four hour window

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