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Happy Holidays from Tempus Nova – The Season of Giving!

During the holiday season, I’m reminded of what is truly important in this life… family, taking care of those we love, and giving to those that are in need. The other day, I watched a TV commercial highlighting how Google has been helping the residents of Flint, MI. It appears Google is embracing the holiday spirit by working together with the University of Michigan to develop a technical solution for the Flint community to help understand and resolve the clean drinking water crisis for the long term. Google has made a $150,000 grant to the University of Michigan-Flint to develop a comprehensive data platform that will assist government and community leaders in making more informed decisions about the crisis and providing critical information to citizens.

In 2013, Google also supported the State of Colorado during catastrophic flooding along Colorado’s Front Range from Colorado Springs north to Fort Collins. Google worked with the Governor’s Resiliency and Recovery Office to develop a website for enhanced notifications to citizens and enhanced communications across emergency responders during the crisis in 2013. Today, the site represents a centralized location for Colorado communities to become more resilient in the face of natural disasters and other major challenges.

‘Tis the season for giving to others, and Google is showing us how we can utilize technology and innovation to give to those in need.  Happy holidays from the Tempus Nova Team!