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Google Works to Shut Down Phishing Attacks

In May, we experienced a sophisticated phishing attack where many Google users were asked to sign into a Google Doc.  Once the Google Doc user signed into this “Google Doc login page,” it gave a malicious third party web app access to the user’s email and address book.  

Google was able to impressively identify and provide a solution within hours of the phishing attack.  Within a day, Google rolled out expanded anti-phishing security warnings for Gmail on Android.  A month later, Google continues to impress by dedicating a team of resources to ensure the millions of Gmail users are protected.  Google Gmail anti-abuse teams are working on a 24 x 7 basis across the globe to ensure email messages are not propagated, analyze account abuse patterns, and review who is using the credentials that were accessed.

Tempus Nova has also been developing a solution that will help eliminate and reduce the impact of such attacks. Our soon to be released G Suite Marketplace product, named Lancetfish, is an application that, among other features, runs on a periodic basis scanning end users’ installed third party applications. Administrators preload a list of approved third party applications into the system. If the system finds an application that has not been previously approved by the organization, it will revoke the application. Conversely, administrators can upload a list of non-approved third party applications and the system will remove any offending third party applications it finds. Such functionality would have been useful during this latest phishing attack.

Are you interested in learning more about how to protect your organization from attacks and provide an additional layer of protection for your users, please reach out to us at tempusnova.com.