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Google Endorses Okta: Further Strengthening the Google Apps Ecosystem

We are very excited at Google’s recent announcement that Okta is their preferred identity and access management vendor for enterprise customers. Tempus Nova partnered with Okta in 2014 providing our Google Apps customers with a solution that provides simple and secure access to applications. When we heard of the announcement, it was to no surprise, as Okta is at the forefront of securing connections between people and technology.  

So what does this mean for Google? Google now has a cloud-native identity-as-a-service provider to offer to enterprises that go Google, which benefits Okta in expanding their reach and growing their Google Apps practice. What’s most important though is the Customer – what does this mean for Google Apps enterprise customers?

  • Single Sign On (SSO) to applications – Enterprises will have the ability to provide employees simple and secure access to the tools they want, while still maintaining control of the IT environment.  Okta’s SSO solution enables IT resources to automatically manage identities, administer credentials, and secure users’ access.
  • Building multi-factor capabilities into authentication – Okta’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution adds a strong security layer to authentication flow and applies adaptive risk detection for extra protection.  Enterprise organizations can benefit from Okta’s MFA solution as a method for increasing the assurance of authentication for enterprise web and mobile applications.
  • Okta’s Universal Directory (UD) to centrally manage user identities – IT Administrators can build a single repository for user identity information using UD to store profiles, manage passwords, and apply access policies.
  • Okta Cloud Connect – Okta also offer a product called Okta Cloud Connect, integrating Google Apps (and other cloud apps) with Active Directory (AD). As changes happen in AD, Okta Cloud Connect will sync them with Google Apps automatically, at configurable intervals, so that access privileges are always up to date.  By using Cloud Connect, Enterprises can in a matter of minutes solve a multitude of login and user administration issues.

If you would like to learn more about Okta, Google Apps, or to learn more about Tempus Nova, please contact us at anthony@tempusnova.com.