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Google Cloud: Official Cloud of the NCAA

I always enjoy March Madness and NCAA basketball, especially the upsets and bracket busters.  This year, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Google Cloud is the official cloud of the NCAA.  The NCAA is using Google Cloud to analyze decades of untapped data for insights to help student-athletes grow, make schools thrive, and give fans more to cheer about.  

This year, Google is releasing every NCAA Division Men’s and Women’s basketball play-by-play moments since 2009. Whether you write SQL, Pandas, R, or Apps Script, these 40,000,000+ plays enable the development of more skilled and interactive features, supporting the development of smarter models. Having this data in a SQL-compliant serverless data warehouse like BigQuery enables you to rapidly explore feature concepts to enrich the data with other data like travel, weather, and more.

Watch how the NCAA and Google Cloud are partnering to find insights into decades of sports data.


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