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Google Chrome Extensions – It’s the Little Things in Life

In today’s world, a simple trip to the store could be overwhelming due to time or access.  The rapid evolution of innovative technology is helping address these barriers to access.  For example, my 88 year old Grandmother is able to order groceries online and avoid getting in a potential car accident.  Same goes for myself, oftentimes, I do not have the time to physically go to the store, and I can never seem to make it to the bank in time.  So I utilize web services (i.e., Google Chrome Extensions, Amazon Prime, etc.) to make my life go smoother.  Here are just some of the great Chrome extensions that can make our lives just a little easier.

  • Honey – A Chrome extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes when shopping online!  With Honey, online shoppers no longer have to search for coupon emails and online sales, they can simply click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey automatically applies applicable coupon codes to the shopping cart.
  • Google Keep – A Chrome extension that enables users to get things done faster, both online and offline. Google Keep easily saves things (i.e., URLs, text, images) and syncs them across platforms being used. Google Keep will take notes on saved content and add labels to quickly categorize those notes for later retrieval.  Now, I no longer need to ask my husband if he needs anything from the grocery store, as we use Google Keep for our collaborative grocery list that automatically syncs and updates to our mobile devices.
  • Speedtest by Ookla – A Chrome extension that informs users of their internet performance without interruption.  Measure how fast web pages load and receive information within seconds all through the Chrome toolbar.
  • Amazon Assistant for Chrome – A Chrome extension that delivers the best deals every day, provides price and product comparisons that can save time and money, and has a universal wish list that saves products from any website with the wish list tab.

There are new Chrome extensions, apps, and mobile apps being released every day.  Make your life easier by visiting the Chrome Web Store to start exploring Chrome extensions today. The great part of technology is that it simplifies the little things in life, so we can have more time to enjoy the bigger things in life.  To learn more about Google Chrome, Google Apps and Tempus Nova, please visit www.tempusnova.com.