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Google Apps vs. The Other Guys

When a business decides to move to the cloud, they have a myriad of choices including levels of service, options, and different providers.  Here at Tempus Nova, we obviously have a preference in and stand by Google Apps, but there are definitely other companies out there.  So, how does an organization make the right choice when the ‘other guys’ are throwing out one-time offers and technical jargon?

The first realization an organization has when deciding to move to a cloud solution is that you no longer have to store your information in-house (on-premise).  This concept raises the question, “where is my data when I need it, and can I always access it?”  Google houses data in a wide variety of Data Centers throughout the entire world.  Your data is watched and protected in-house by teams of Google employees and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Not only that, but Google has a great tool called the Apps Status Dashboard, which provides immediate access to check if and when any Google Apps are experiencing system downtimes.  If you’ve had bad experiences with other coMpanieS, don’t FreT.  The great part about Google storage is that it maintains a 99.9% uptime!

The upkeep of data is obviously important to all organizations, but what is probably the most important aspect of purchasing any new software or platform is… Cost.  A successful business maintains a proper ratio of cost to revenue and deserves a high return on their investment.  Whereas some companies never tell you the “real” price of their software, Google is very upfront and transparent.  Additionally, are no surprises or other fees necessary when transitioning to Google Apps.  In fact, Google Apps is simply $50 per user, per year for a 30Gb license or $120 per user, per year for an unlimited storage license including Vault eDiscovery.  Even better, if you are an Educational (EDU) institution, Google Apps, Vault and unlimited storage is completely free.  The simplicity of Google’s pricing structure means you no longer need an MBA to figure out the cost benefit analysis of going Google versus the ‘other guys’.

Once businesses narrow down their options to the two big boys of cloud computing, they are faced with making the right decision.  Remember: Google was born in the cloud and is a seasoned veteran in cloud computing and cloud-hosted solutions. Making Google Apps the ideal solution for businesses and organizations looking to move to the cloud.

For additional information about Google Apps and Tempus Nova solutions, please look around this website or contact us to have your questions answered.