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Freshdesk: A Google Preferred Partner

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Tempus Nova develops partnerships with third party solution providers that augment the G Suite solution.  It is good measure to develop these strategic partnerships in order to provide our customers with solutions to meet every need.  We are very happy to announce that our partner, Freshdesk, is now a preferred partner to Google for G Suite.  The Recommended for G Suite program was created in 2015 and selects market leading applications, built by independent software vendors (ISVs).

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that support organization’s call center and help desk teams to deliver exceptional customer support. Freshdesk is used by over 50,000 organizations around the world ranging from large organizations to startup companies. Freshdesk offers the following features and benefits:

  • Easy to use, quick to setup – Freshdesk’s software UI is easy to understand, configure, and tailor to meet exact Customer needs. For example, Team Inbox enables support organizations to collaborate and resolve issues as every request sent to the support email becomes a ticket in the system.  Transparency of who is handling what ticket avoids duplication of effort.  Freshdesk also provides a mobile ready web-based version that can be used to access the helpdesk, reply to tickets, add notes, and perform bulk actions from any device with a modern web browser.
  • Multi-channel support – Organizations that use Freshdesk support software will be able to categorize and prioritize issues as they come in, no matter how customers choose to contact support (email, chat, phone, mobile apps websites, forums and social media).
  • Happy engaged support agents – Boost productivity and engagement with automations (self-service portals and community forums) and integrated game mechanics to supercharge agent productivity. Happy agents = happy customers!

We look forward to bringing our existing and prospective customers a robust customer support software solution that will streamline any organization’s help desk, call center or support organization.  To learn more about Tempus Nova’s strategic partnerships, please contact us or visit our website at www.tempusnova.com.