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homepage-promoEngaged Users
Chromebooks boot in 8 seconds and resume instantly – meaning users get to work faster. And with long battery life, they can work an entire day on a single charge. It’s also easy to get connected anytime and anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G. 3G models include a free 100 MB per month of mobile broadband from Verizon Wireless so users can keep working both inside and outside the office.

Easy to Manage
Administrators can configure and manage Chromebooks and user accounts centrally through the web. Seamless updates directly from Google keep the operating system and software fresh, eliminating the need to manually patch systems. And since only minimal data is stored on the device, you don’t need to do tedious backups or migrate data when changing hardware.

Security Built In
Chromebooks run the first commercial operating system designed from the ground up to protect against the ongoing threat of viruses and malware. They employ the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection, including tab sandboxing, user data encryption, and verified boot. With minimal data stored on the Chromebooks, there is little need to worry about a lost or stolen computer. 

Dramatically Lower Cost
Chromebooks and the management console automate or eliminate many common, time-intensive IT tasks like machine image creation, application distribution, patching, and upgrades. Additionally, there is no need to purchase licenses for anti-virus, data encryption or data back-up software. Subscription pricing means that you only pay a low monthly amount.

Painless Migration
Because apps, documents, and settings are not stored on the device, there’s no need to spend time imaging machines or migrating data. Applications can range from the G Suite productivity suite, including offline features, to custom-built tools running inside your firewall. For the few things that can’t be done through the web, desktop virtualization technology, like Citrix®, can provide access to native-only apps.

One-stop Shop
The Chromebook offering for Business and Education includes the hardware, operating system, updates and cloud-based management – plus complete support directly from Google. No more need to put together multiple solutions to create a secure, managed computing environment. And now there’s just one place to call.


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