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What is Machine Learning?

Over the weekend, I watched I, Robot starring Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan. For those that have never seen this sci-fi movie, it is about futuristic robots that have artificial intelligence (AI) in order to serve human beings. They are programmed to not dream and to not develop independent thinking.  Warning spoilers… in the end […] Continue Reading

Tempus Nova is a Google Cloud Premier Partner with locations in Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA; and Waco, TX.   We provide Google Cloud solutions to private and public sector entities across the nation.  In case you missed it, please watch our first part of our webinar series: Face of Google Cloud 2017 to learn more about […] Continue Reading

Why Higher EDUs Need Google’s Cloud

I recently attended the ACCS event in Norfolk, Virginia; an event designed for higher education institutions to understand emerging technologies and how they can impact current environments. Here’s what I learned: Most higher EDUs that had presence at the event were not operating on Google. EDU help desk and IT administrator staff handle large monthly […] Continue Reading

Working from Home with G Suite

For many years in my career, I was a commuter in the D.C. / Northern VA area, spending hours on the beltway each week. I’m not complaining, as I took that time to drink copious amounts of coffee and listen to NPR. However, today, working for a company that offers 100% remote working capability is […] Continue Reading

Freshdesk: A Google Preferred Partner

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Tempus Nova develops partnerships with third party solution providers that augment the G Suite solution.  It is good measure to develop these strategic partnerships in order to provide our customers with solutions to meet every need.  We are very happy to announce that our partner, Freshdesk, is now a […] Continue Reading