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During the holiday season, I’m reminded of what is truly important in this life… family, taking care of those we love, and giving to those that are in need. The other day, I watched a TV commercial highlighting how Google has been helping the residents of Flint, MI. It appears Google is embracing the holiday […] Continue Reading

Tempus Nova has been a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner since 2009, and we have a dedicated team of Application Developers. Tempus Nova participated in the Trusted Tester program for App Maker, and I recently sat down with our Developer team to learn more about the tool. Here’s what I learned... Q: What are your […] Continue Reading

Jamboard & The Evolution of the Chalkboard

I may be aging myself here, but I remember being in grade school having the duty of cleaning the chalkboards and the chalkboard erasers for the next day.  I can remember the first chalk holder device that made it easier to write with chalk on the chalkboard. When I got to high school, projectors were […] Continue Reading

From my first day of selling the Google solution for Tempus Nova, I quickly learned about Google’s constant stream of innovation across its brand, products, and core services.  In November 2015, Google hired Diane Greene, formerly the CEO of VMware, as Senior Vice President of Google’s Enterprise Business. She has not only made moves in […] Continue Reading

We are very excited at Google’s recent announcement that Okta is their preferred identity and access management vendor for enterprise customers. Tempus Nova partnered with Okta in 2014 providing our Google Apps customers with a solution that provides simple and secure access to applications. When we heard of the announcement, it was to no surprise, […] Continue Reading