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Tempus Nova: An App Maker Trusted Tested Partner


Tempus Nova has been a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner since 2009, and we have a dedicated team of Application Developers. Tempus Nova participated in the Trusted Tester program for App Maker, and I recently sat down with our Developer team to learn more about the tool. Here’s what I learned…

Q: What are your thoughts on App Maker?

A: App Maker is a good tool for developing internal applications using Google Apps Script. It can be used by a single developer to create a simple application quickly. App Maker enables business users to quickly develop enterprise apps without a lot of experience in software development and with very little coding.  These applications are easy to deploy without the need to coordinate with server administrators. App Maker is also a great tool, as it does not require an install of software or tools to develop applications – simply go to the App Maker site and start creating!

Q: Why did you join the Trusted Tester (TT) program?

A: As a GCP Partner, Tempus Nova utilizes GCP (App Engine) to develop proprietary applications and more complex enterprise applications. We were interested in the App Maker TT program to further our abilities in the application development space and learn how App Maker could simplify developing enterprise applications.  

Tempus Nova participates in Early Adopter and TT programs because we get the opportunity to access and work with Google technologies prior to release.  This is also valuable to our Customers, as we can serve as subject matter experts once the technology becomes available to everyone, and provide feedback to improve products based on our experience prior to release.

Q: What are some examples of applications you’ve built using App Maker?

A: We have developed several applications with App Maker, including an Office Orders application. The application is intended for placing orders, tracking inventory, and managing inventory. The Office Orders app includes basic workflow functionality and integration with Google Directory and Google Maps. We developed the user interface in a few hours using App Maker and completed the majority of the development in less than one week.

Tempus Nova has enjoyed being part of the App Maker TT program. We hope our feedback and experience working with App Maker continues to solidify the tool, enabling users to go from idea to app fast, build flexible solutions for every need, and focus on outcomes not infrastructure.   To learn more about Tempus Nova and our GCP application development capabilities, please visit us at www.tempusnova.com.