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Control Data and Privacy
Administrators can only view items in your work profile. Also, if an employee leaves the company, the IT Administrator has the ability to erase ONLY the work apps-leaving personal information intact.

Enjoy a Familiar Experience
Users will no longer need to re-learn a new device. Using your own device allows for more familiarity, eliminating that learning curve period.

Separate Work and Personal Apps
Apps will now carry a badge to let the user know that this is a business app, eliminating the worry of accidentally using a personal app for work purposes.

Get Business Apps on Play
Google Play’s entire catalog of premium business apps are available for download

Easy to Secure Data
Android secures data for you. Android for Work makes it very easy to protect company data, eliminating any worries from individual users.

Use Built-in Business Apps
Android for Work comes pre-installed with Google’s suite of productivity apps including email, calendar, contacts, Docs, Sheets and Slides.

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